Optimize your search. Find the right projects. Save time.

Powerful Advanced Search

Browse the most robust collection of project, company and contact data in a matter of seconds to find the perfect opportunity and decision makers.

Saved Search

Create and save the ideal set of filters to access at any time. Set a BidAlert to automatically receive new projects and updates in your inbox. Share a saved search between users on your account.

Advanced Sorting

Some projects are better for your company than others. Sort by specific metrics and find the best matches in less time.

Search Tags

Create sets of filters and pre-qualify matching projects without viewing details. Filter and sort results by matching sets of tags.

BidClerk Advanced Search

The right information. The right contacts. The right projects.

Complete Details

Receive detailed descriptions, location, project types, specific trades, important dates, documents and specifications on every project. Know that a project is right for your company before preparing a bid.

Companies & Contacts

Get all of the contact information for key decision makers. Search for owners, engineers, architects, contractors, and plan-holders listed on every project.

Location Controls

Know exactly where your next job is located. Search for projects by state, county, city, or within a certain distance of any postal code in the US and Canada.

Plans & Specifications

Search within and view the most recent project plans and specifications. Search documents by keyword and trade code. Download the exact files that you need to prepare a bid.

LinkedIn™ Connections

Make connections with the key industry players on each project with a detailed contact card. Learn more about their backgrounds and compare recent project activity to strengthen your sales force with pertinent information and networking tools.

BidClerk Project Result

Stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Friendly

Access BidClerk anywhere with an internet connection. Quickly and easily view projects, companies and contacts. Search for new work or revisit project information while you're on the job site.

Folders & Tasks

In addition to adding notes or saving important projects, you can also set up email reminders. BidClerk will automatically email you whenever your saved projects receive an update or when it's time to follow up.

Share Projects

Quickly send the details of projects that are important to your associated contacts or businesses. Share to other users within your account or to any email address.

Calendar Export

Use your favorite Calendar application to track upcoming project events. Sync and update changes as they occur. Never miss an opportunity.

Bidder's Directory

Network with bidders on projects through our Bidder's Directory. Save any actively bidding project and your interest, along with your contact and company information, will be shared with the bidders on the project.

BidClerk Advanced Search

US and Canadian Coverage

BidClerk covers the entire United States and Canada, offering more projects than any other lead service. BidClerk has a comprehensive database of both public and private projects, starting with the early design stages and updating through post-bid information.


Download project data directly from BidClerk in PDF or CSV formats. Link back to the project directly to capture additional information or view plans and specifications. Build your own database or marketing list, complete with contact information for architects, engineers, contractors and other key participants.

Notes & Notifications

Keep track of important projects, contacts and companies. Create personal notes on projects and set reminders to follow up later. Share notes with your entire team or just select individuals. Stay up-to-date, communicate, and stay organized with folders, automatic update alerts and notes.

Best Value

BidClerk provides the most complete construction information at the lowest cost, yielding the highest return on investment in the industry. Focus your savings on other business essentials with flexible subscription options,.

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This feature is available to subscribers only.

Learn more about the products and features available on BidClerk.

to access complete details on 1000's of projects, companies & contacts in your area updated daily.

This feature is available to subscribers only.

Learn more about the products and features available on BidClerk.

to access complete details on 1000's of projects in your area updated daily.

This is a BidClerk Confidential Project. In order to protect the interest of the owner and the dissemination of information - the owner of this project requires approval to view the specific project details. Please select the "Request Approval" link above to begin the process and access the list of contacts that can provide approval.

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